I want to play at home. Where can I get one?

A. Ebay: click here to check out current listings and see if you can score a good deal on a nice used claw machine.
B. Smartphone (or tablet):  for iOS - "Prize Claw", "Arcade Claw", for Android - "Prize Claw" or "Catch Master"
C. Online: Check out this Pinterest page for a huge listing of online games!
D. Play right here!
(Flash player required)

          1. Click "Play Game" to begin. When the game loads, click Play
          2. Press spacebar or click "Go" to deposit a coin and the claw will begin to move
          3. Press spacebar or click the circle with a down arrow to drop the claw
          4. You get 3 coins to win the item specified under "Target" to advance to next level

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